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"Insurance is financial protection and financial protection is for everyone."

  • Writer's pictureDINA MABRY | Principal BGA Premier Insurance Solutions, Inc.

My (Why) I became a Life Insurance Agent.

When I was 4, my baby sister was born. That's when I knew I was meant to be a mom!

I would proudly proclaim, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a mom!"

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Fast forward to 1989. I graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in sociology. Although being a mom was my first career choice, I quickly realized I would probably need a regular "career" that provided a regular job, that provided

a regular paycheck!

My first "real job" was as a pharmaceutical sales rep and our main products were... baby products! I was in heaven! I called on nurseries, labor and delivery, Pediatricians, and OBGYN's. In 1995 I finally got my chance to be a mom when my daughter was born. In 2000, after having twins (yes - twins!) and with 17 years of pharmaceutical sales under my belt, I decided to call it quits. Life was just so busy, and I wanted to slow down. My new stay-at-home mom's life consisted of shuttling kids to and fro and enjoying a slower time. I frequented the local coffee shop where I met a man who asked me to work for him and sell life insurance!

Other than a modest term policy of 250K, which my husband and I purchased when we were first married, I didn't know too much about life insurance, and I knew even less about selling it! However, I was sure of one thing...selling insurance would be an excellent way to lose my family and friends!

Fast forward again. Several months passed when a tragedy occurred in our that would forever change my perspective on life and, you guessed it, my outlook on life insurance. A young family from church with three young kids had a birthday party. You know the kind, young adult friends with a bunch of kids all around the same age. Swimming, BBQing, and having a fun summer night! After the party ended, the husband took the kids upstairs to tuck them in, while Lisa, his wife, waited for him in the jacuzzi. One of the kids was having trouble settling down, so hubby laid down with him, but fell asleep. Eventually, he woke up and headed downstairs only to find that his wife had slipped and drowned in the jacuzzi!

As you can imagine, our community was rattled! How could this happen Now what? How does the husband go to work and provide for his family? Who will take care of the kids; what does this family do?

Who is going to do Lisa's "job."

Lisa had no life insurance. She was a "stay-at-home mom.”

The community rallied, but eventually, the house had to be sold, and

everyone had to get back to their own families. I remembered back to the man at the coffee shop talking about the importance of life insurance, and boy did this hit home now! Not only were my husband and I underinsured, heck, our mortgage was more than 250k and how did I think 3 kids could get educated and taken care of on that amount? We immediately bought big term policies - 2 million for him, and 1 million for me. It felt good talking about this kind of protection and I realized that being a mom is all about protection…protecting the ones we love!

The rest is history. I became an Insurance Agent, and for over 14 years my passion has been helping families achieve financial protection through quality insurance products.

I like taking care of people. That passion was there all along! I sleep better at night knowing that the people in my life are protected and cared for. Life insurance can't

bring the person back, but it can ease the pain and shock of losing them by providing financial support for the family members left behind.

I challenge you. Be a “mom” and talk to the people you love.

Ask them if they have life insurance and if they do, ask them if they have enough…

and if they do not, have them contact us - we can help.

Dina Mabry, BGA Premier Insurance Solutions, Inc.

Mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, neighbor...

life insurance agent.



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