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"Insurance is financial protection and financial protection is for everyone."

  • Writer's pictureDINA MABRY | Principal BGA Premier Insurance Solutions, Inc.

“The TRIFECTA of Life.” Plan, Prepare and Prosper

Dina Mabry, President of BGA Premier Insurance Solutions discusses this important topic with Alison Clay-Duboff, A Top 10 RE/MAX Estate Properties LA Realtor and Marty Stevens-Heebner, Founder and CEO of Clear Home Solutions.


Discussion topic: WHY and HOW to prepare for living a long life and protecting your

family financially through Long-Term Care insurance.

Estate planners and financial professionals, do you find it difficult to broach the subject

of Long-Term Care insurance with your clients? This video provides some great perspective on the subject, not only from ONE professional, but THREE!

Please feel free to share it with your clients….

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